TARAN -- User Manual

TARAN Target Analysis and Rifle Precision is a piece of software to determine shooting precision, by aggregating shot information from multiple targets and groups.

This manual is available either as a paged book, or as one long single document.

TARAN is free open source software under GPL3 license. TARAN does not collect any personal data. There is no catch.

Why TARAN: http://guns.ptosis.ch/node/13
How it works / features: http://guns.ptosis.ch/node/14
Some screenshots: http://guns.ptosis.ch/node/15
FAQ: http://guns.ptosis.ch/faq-page
Why would you need it (use cases): http://guns.ptosis.ch/node/44

Download: http://guns.ptosis.ch/node/43


There are two options to run TARAN:
Hosted: http://taran.ptosis.ch/taran.html
Local downloaded from the downloads page.

The two versions are exactly the same. To run the downloaded version, grab the ZIP file, unpack the archive files to some folder on your computer, and open "taran.html" with your favourite Web browser. Also, you may want to check out the System Requirements.


How to use it all is best described by example. This manual walks you through a TARAN project -- from basic parameters definition to aggregated analytics -- explaining everything you see on the screen.

The interface of TARAN is split into three panes, that can be accessed with the toolbar at the left side of the screen:

1. the project pane --

2. the target pane --

and 3. the analysis pane --