2.3. Mark shots

Now that the group is defined, we can start marking shots. Notice the new button:

As usual: click the button, click on target where the shot is, confirm with "ok".

(marked the shot nearest to PoA)

As soon as you mark a second shot, two additional elements appear on the image:

2.2. Define a group

When the scale is set, a new button appears on the toolbar.

This, my friend, is to define a new group. A group is defined by marking the point of aim (PoA); the usual drill: click on the toolbar button, click on the target where PoA is, confirm with "ok".

TIP: zoom in to mark the group PoA precisely.

2.1. Set scale

First, you need to tell the software how long is one millimetre (or one inch), so that distances can be correctly estimated.

This is rather straightforward -- use a known length on the target, click where the starting point is

and confirm with "ok".

(the starting point turns acid-green)

Then click where the ending point is

2. The target pane

The target pane is used to indicate where the actual shots and groups are on your targets.

To the left you see the navigation panel. If there are multiple targets in the project, you can jump to the next and previous target using the navigation buttons.

1.2. Add target image

Click on "Add target", and select a target image file from your device. (You may wish to first check the FAQ item "What kind of target images I can use in TARAN?")

What you see here is a scaled-down preview of the image, just to set correct orientation; don't worry, you will see many more detail in a minute.

1.1. Define project parameters

This is pretty self-explanatory. There are some basic sanity checks built-in, which prevent entering obviously wrong values (e.g. distances beyond 3000 m/yd). When happy, click OK.

1. The project pane (where all begins)

The project pane is used to define project parameters (distance and calibre) and manage attached target images.

When you switch to the project pane, three additional buttons appear on the toolbar:

New project

Discards all data and starts a new project. The same can be done by simply reloading the browser window.

TARAN -- User Manual

TARAN Target Analysis and Rifle Precision is a piece of software to determine shooting precision, by aggregating shot information from multiple targets and groups.

This manual is available either as a paged book, or as one long single document.

TARAN is free open source software under GPL3 license. TARAN does not collect any personal data. There is no catch.


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