Inclined Fire, part #3: Options

Now let's see when inclination does matter.

The table below shows what happens when slope is ignored, i.e. there is no correction for inclination. (Errors in cm, same color coding as above).

GP11 vertical miss distance, cm


Inclined Fire, part #2: When it doesn't matter

It's easy to google gory details on gyroscopic precession and Coriolis force and analyze every minute factor, but when (and if) is it worth doing?

Case study: standard army issue Fass 90 assault rifle, 300 m battle zero. How does it behave when shooting at an angle?

The Swiss army manual responds with exactly one concise sentence: "when shooting at an angle beyond ±30º, aim low". Not much for a mountainous country.


Inclined Fire, part #1: Definitions

Before jumping into formulas it makes sense to get an intuitive understanding of forces at work. School-level knowledge of Newton's laws of motion and basic trigonometry will suffice.

Bullet Trajectory


Inclined Fire

D.M., may his days be blessed, done the English translation of the "Inclined fire" series of articles. He is too modest to claim proper credit, but without his help this site would not be. My gratitude is as deep as thorough.

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