Inclined Fire, part #4: 2I2R in practice (prototyping)

Now that we have mastered the arcane science of the world's best heuristic method to estimate slope dope, how would we live with this knowledge in real life? Even the best method is pointless without an action plan.

Let's start with border conditions, where heuristics still make sense. The logic is simple:


Inclined Fire, part #2: When it doesn't matter

It's easy to google gory details on gyroscopic precession and Coriolis force and analyze every minute factor, but when (and if) is it worth doing?

Case study: standard army issue Fass 90 assault rifle, 300 m battle zero. How does it behave when shooting at an angle?

The Swiss army manual responds with exactly one concise sentence: "when shooting at an angle beyond ±30º, aim low". Not much for a mountainous country.

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